Instrumentation and control

At Armadillo, we are prepared for the challenges that the methodology of autonomous and automatic control of the units in service represents for our customers.

We have personnel trained and certified by various standards in advanced electronic control systems PLC and remote communication of equipment, mastering PLC systems based Allen Bradley, GE, YOKOAWA among other brands in the market.

Pneumatic automatic control processes are also a challenge that we gladly develop for our clients in the calibration effect of pneumatic valves and pneumatic and electronic controllers.

Transmitters and process control repeaters are also possible to provide maintenance and service, as well as validate their proper calibration under the current regulations that apply and based on ISO processes for quality support.

Calibration of safety valves, major maintenance, adjustment and validation of their calibration and certification by the most common and current operating standards in the market.

Repair of valve actuators and their calibration for operation according to our customer’s process requirements.