Preventive maintenance services for engines, turbines and compressors

Maintenance of any machine can be described as “the circumstance of maintaining a piece of equipment in a particular state or condition of operation”. This differs from repairs, as these consist of restoring a piece of equipment to its previous or original “as new” condition.

Preventive maintenance is a primary part of managing any equipment as it contributes to increasing the useful life of equipment, as well as, reducing unwanted downtime and ultimately reducing long-term corrective maintenance costs.

Periodic maintenance plans allow us to have a number of benefits in our equipment

The execution of the preventive maintenance service, implies within the areas of execution:


  • NPeriodic control of assigned equipment.
  • NIts historical comparative evaluation.
  • NAnalysis of the measurements performed.
  • NElaboration of a diagnosis of the failures of the equipment.

Among the most complex and expensive equipment used in power generation are turbomachines, particularly turbines. Their operation must be continuously monitored, both to detect potential or incipient failures, as well as to schedule their maintenance, in order to increase their reliability, availability and useful life. It is also crucial that maintenance follow-ups for this type of equipment be performed quickly to resume power generation as soon as possible. Armadillo’s specialist engineers are trained and certified to deal with this type of equipment.