Repair, construction and design of all types of bearings, seals and other parts for various rotating equipment

We have all types of bearings, seals and blades for rotating equipment.

The precision machining division of our company ARMADILLO, has been given the task of finding the best materials for the elaboration, repair and preparation of mixtures, which give us the required efficiency and reliability expected by our customers in the soft material of low and high speed bearings required in the industry.

Our processes meet the most stringent quality and reliability standards to develop perfect material adhesion and a perfect contact area between the bearing base and the soft bearing material. At maximum efficiency, our bearings have a quality level that exceeds customer requirements and standards such as API and ISO.

Years of research and experience of our STAFF give us the opportunity to offer a reliable and complementary process to our customers’ requirements.

As for turbo compressor or turbine oil seals, we have the appropriate processes to develop any type of process that determines the market of a component and we certify our quality based on ISO and API quality standards according to the equipment that is developing its service.

We can develop and manufacture the rotating parts in a turbo compressor, turbine and electric motor, either line or remanufactured under the philosophy of reverse engineering based on international standards and the engineering of our customers.